Another Weakening Awoke!

The world of achievement has always belonged to the optimist.
                                                                          – J. Harold Wilkins


Again, rain falls on the blind morning. Everything’s wet, including my underwear. The day is sloppy, compiled with silly traffic jam, thanks God I’m not late at work.

Start with coffee, continue by listening to my friend’s babbling about his nostalgic moment when flood came to his hometown a few months back. He said that he had to make a raft out of mineral water containers and use it to go to the marketplace to buy supplies. Happy rafting bro! Seems like another flood is coming..

I brought my umbrella (without singing the umbrella song), the small one, so my shirt is still getting some splash from the rain. Everyone’s bring their umbrellas.. and not one face I look that have the spirit to sing..

Most of my friends is enjoying the day-off this Saturday, but not me.. nope, not me. I still had to go to work. So my messages’ empty, because most of my friend only get online with their company’s Compie.

Happy weekend, fellas!


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