Happy Whipping Gals!

Our real duty is always found running in the direction of our worthiest desires.”
                                                                 – Randolph Bourne

Goooood morning to all! This is Afriza from the height of Egotist mountain, saying hello to all that likes to play the whip. Today I just read a confession of a woman who feels that she’s been hurt too damn much. And she says that the pain is keep coming to her again and again, so in order to relieve herself from those pain, she feels that she had to hurt herself more and more so she can feel… numb.

Eat oranges. Nadhifa, the cutest girl I’ve known,  is celebrating her birthday today. A chocolate cake and balloons and then happily blows the candle. I hope she can be someone that have the ability to protect herself from all harms of the world. To stand straight and not inflicting useless pains to herself and to people around her. To be the symbol of hope, for every goodness in life is worth patient for. Walk on!

I hear a whistle of long and lonesome train. It keep calling everybody to join and enter the path of melancholia. I had to stop that train, bought my stereo-set, and set it out loud in that train. For this is, like no other perfect time but now, the time to Dance.


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