And She Waits.. and waits

Nothing will ever be attempted, if all possible objections must first be overcome.”
                                                                             – Samuel Johnson

Last night was a thrilling bump. Stay up all night to recover a broken Hard-drive, using Partition M***c and dear old Linux. Successful at last; with a price of total lost of recent files.

While doing the HD restoration, a girl (my friend) sends a short message. She confess that she still wait for Mr. Bug, although he already had a girlfriend (more like fiancé because his parent already set them up for marriage). My friend said that she will wait and see how’s its going, and will never gave up. Reading that silly message of her, makes me sad and mad at the same time.

I mean: why wait? Why? While she could live her live in joyful and so much freedom. Love? Oh, please. If Mr. Bug is really serious with her, he should’ve shows that by now. But he stick to his parent’s choice (like in the 60’s). And what more sad is: He claims, in the social website, that all he have with my friend is just for fun. A joke, nothing more. He wonders why she take it so serious. Imagine that.

And she still waits. Doesn’t she have anything better to do?

Like learning Linux and stuff?


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