And Let Not The Sword Leads Thee, But The Example That’s Given

Because of my title I was the first to enter here. I shall be the last to go out.”
– Duchesse d’Alencon, refusing help during a fire

When you want people to follow you, what would you do? Declaring that you’re the best thing they got since sliced-cheese and feeling sure by that propaganda they shall flock to your tail like bunch of a$$holes? Or forces them by any force possible, including martial-arts and murder threat, fear and violence, just to follow you?

What would you do?

As for myself, I don’t really like people following me everywhere I go, it’s kind of irritating for me. So, if I have to choose, I’ll chose to not have followers. I shall chose to have only friends at my side and foes to make the balance.

What would you choose?


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