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Togethernes that threaten.. Why the sadistic eye? Come, play the wave, to and fro.. Kill all the mockingbird.. The desperate moans shall cease at the break of dawn.. After smoke, sex, and sleeps.. Jump to the bus and recite all feellings in tune.. Tones.. Notes.. Praise be to Basquiat posters.. Emblems to the soliloquy.


Those Silky Hair

So flow, not hastily.. Grind them viewers, smoothly.. To the fiery redemption.. Repent! Repeat! Sans cesse.. The blue is calling.. Bottoms waving.. I would slide atop that jungle of silk.. Ah, if only I could

Apologetic Power

I like that curves.. Hone on it.. The smooth surface.. Prone on it.. Whooa.. Natural smell.. Want to ride my hand on the edges of yore.. Sums up stamina.. Lump sums.. Cogita.. To dwell on those terra incognita.. Dusk to dawn.. And on, and on, and..

Your May Seems Wierd

Are there still remnant of happiness? No more questions, lets be jocund anyway. No way, they say? So let them be.. Lost in the jungle of oblivion. Sweat, oozing from chin point.. Today is hot, burning with the fire of hecks!

3AM Wake-Ups

A sudden awakening.. bone freezing.. head stump by a meteorite, leaving trail of blasted stars, blown to pieces.. Something hardened.. is it the power of wilt? Or simply.. the urge that long to forlorn.. the curse or the blessid.. shall thou not be nor choose something in between, for in it is nothing human.

I praise ya Lord. Please haste away this headache of the long lost hope.


Excited About Something New

I think I understand.. and that’s why I’m under sand.. So Grab a stick that sprout out of thin air.. what kind of woods is that.. a wooden trodden.. steps of wannabe giants.. I try, I test, and things seems to work just spiffy!

Perpetual bliss, please.


Bell Under Water

Anger should not be a longtemp possession.. Grief will haunts, like empty house ghost.. Gain the sobereignity.. Away all unexplain madness, gone with the unneeded sweat.. Let us kiss and keep the memory alive.. Make it gold, pure.. Or like diamond, it shone.