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To Those Who Waits

At the corner of the simplified, at ease, bowing. An expressionist’ despair. Those who shun the clown. Cold breast, sassy eyes. Captured and framed. Smiling statue. The joy of self assasination. Bye bye.. Rainbows.


Meatballs of Necessitae

It eats the brains, bit by bit. Creating the void inside the head. It’s invisible and invincible, both at the same time. But it’s still not God. So I guess: I need not be affraid.

Holly Yawners

The evening began to yawn

Darkness arising, Fast

Swallowing all remnants of light

Every place became a perfect

Spot for us to hide

You and I, now and then

Befriended or beguiled..

Just like baboons

At the local zoo

Nearest to home

Return, re-burn..


Last Days of The Mohican

Drown in emotion, and get burns to the bone; eternal marks of the undone. Drown in submission, and so turn into zombies; nightmares sans cesse. Choose to drunk, not drown. Take the heat as the sublimes does it. Flow gently, amid the mist.. Kiss the fairies of the abyss.. To life and death: Salam.