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I throw up so damn much today. After being naked on the open field of hope. I vomit.. A lot of that shit that I never knew I had inside me. My chess is bare, and it bleeds.. Its keep on bleeding. No one to share my wounds.. Heck, I am the wound receiver.. Like some broken radio, with dried-up batteries. No listener around. My waves are so weak, while having abundant things to share.. I should jump right now, from a sharp-stones cliff.. Instead I cry like baby.. I am a pig, ready to be slaughtered.. relax your meat, I’m not here to eat.. A sudden vegetarian that suddenly lost in the attempt of opening the self at a shelve at a brim of nocturnal erruption.. Care not about this feeling anymore.. Pride has taken over.. I must admit.. I am dead, a victim, a fool.. How can I be such.. Sucked dry to very last bone.. I am raging mad, and yet I forgive.. But I have to go.. So you can go.. So we can find anew.. So long, so fuckin long, so gibberishly long…… I am long for that sweet scent of natural grapes, squeezed at the altar.. This is my blood.


I don’t want a victim, I need a partner. So don’t surrender, for I don’t come to conquer. Let us be united completely, my dear.. I’m the moon and you’re the ocean. Our body collaborates: created a sacred view.. only for us, no other surpass!