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kind of hurt inside. Kind of slippery. Gooey. Phooey. Kind things happen as often as unkind. Thus average steep road lead the way or rather pave the step to somewhat higher.. Ground. And sure as heck, as birds flies when the wings are matured.. Bang! Bang! You’re flown to some kind of land that has not been landed before.. Adios.

das Gradiola

The heat.. Feline smell atop your hair. The cold, that burns thy holly flesh. Grind me O hollow fa routs.. Rum pam pa rum pam pa.. Sing me the melody of onset, of onslaught, of rums and wodkas. Papas breath akin to global meltdown.. The endless onomatopoeia.. Hahas..

New Widget Part deux

Run O Cryptic One.. Run like you never first had to learn to walk.. Be the biggest whatever you can. This broken arrows are not meant to hurt, off course. For that would denies everything that felt so nice from it at the very first place. Take a vow! then take a height! Every feet and and every foot steps shall not be forgotten by the relics of human err…

New Widget

This is tomorrow. This is today. The one that meets at the middle are nothingness in spawn. Made the ghost cries of sold madness. And the wolves dances with trolls. Are the evening cleared? The kidneys wait and test on mere strings of wondering.. and wandering.. and chimneys of salt trembles to the end of any subconsciousness alert.. alarmed.. surprised by the sound of time creaking to oblivion.. hurray!