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MONBERTE (a poem for a friend)

*inspired by Allen Ginsberg’s “America”*

Monberte, I’m born as a bookworm in a place where books are mere food for worms;
Monberte, I wrote so many poems but they never write back;
Monberte, I try to sell my poems for a nickel then I gave it away for free, for no one’s eager to buy..

Monberte, I love to read TEMPO magazines but I only read their Sidelines;
I read so many Sidelines, now I’m a sideliner, waiting to die..

Monberte, criminals in my country loves to hide in Singapore;
Monberte, I hate them Singaporeans for giving the convicts a hiding place;
Monberte, Nazaruddin must face trial, now!
Monberte, Nunun must go home, now!

Monberte, I hate them Singaporeans;
Monberte, I love them noodles and chickens;
I love to walk on Orchard Road but I never went there, so what’s the point?

I love their mainland, their Big Wall and all;
Many kids there shit on the street and grow to be bussiness moguls..
Monberte, when them chinamen rebel, they made new star in tennis court;

Monberte, when kids in my country shit on the street, they only get bruises and sodomized;
When we rebel nowadays, we only made traffic jams;
Not all folks here well understood, and no one cares enough to made manuals..

Monberte, I hate them Malays for stealing cultures from my country and claims as their own;
And still our women went to their sultan cocks and gold coins and be enslaved;
Bruises and more bruises and black and blue and towering twin balls..

Monberte, I hate them Singaporeans, them Malays, and them who follow me just to sell their products..
Monberte, where is sincerity?
Monberte, what’s your phone number?
Monberte, can I knock at your door at 3 AM and still get warm welcome?

Monberte, last but definitely not least
Would you send me some postcards?

–June, 2011. say NO the tweeta marketeers!!–